(Movie Voiceover Guy)

“A mad scientist also a  tv show host!

He drives to make people laugh and help them at the same time! He can never get the story right, nor control of the environment, but he keeps a level head and must continue the mission for the people!


(Classical music enters)


In his lab he created a formula to give him internal life it was called WOTN.

You ask why no lab coat if he is a scientist? Well, when he drank the chemical WOTN it exploded, we have actual recording of this tragic event.

Anyway, it turned his white lab coat into charcoal.  The chemical WOTN  is very strong resulting in loss of pain receptors and hearing all together.

Each time a new member of society  comes in contact with him they must try to  kill him, but he can’t die so he  just keeps coming back. People are still mesmerized on how he is alive from the  different ways of dying. People come from far and wide, and sometimes even time traveling guests  to meet this mystery scientist and try to see if they can beat  WOTN. Dont touch  wotnz! Why did you  do that?..seriously! Ew your all sticky now… (clears throat) .Back to the story.

Being Way Out There isn’t a choice he can’t help it. Seriously he’s been checked.  Plus after the explosion his brain became a miniature size kangaroo punching a turtle. What did I just read? (whispers back line over to self) Alright, moving on.

What he can do with his powers though that is a whole different ball game. So, Doctor Burnt Pickle decided to open shop in Cleveland, Ohio. The reason wasn’t because  his belly  changed different sports teams. The reason was to give people jobs,  the weather when it is not hiding, real Ohio sports with a attitude  or sometimes you gotta just  let it out, and whatever he can find something informative to tell you.

WOTN  advanced him not just from dying but gave him the ability  to show peoples work ,whom are there to kill him, the chemicals changed the formatting of his synapsis to allow technology to shut down around him temporarily resulting in camera glitches,  audio problems, and graphics malfunction,  even if he is doing a News cast.

What is his next trick?”

I have no idea, I  am just the voice over guy in a booth…

Stay tune for the next adventures of  more W. O .T .N Cleveland! The True Story of Dr. Burnt Pickle.

Alright, I am done with this!

Wheres lunch?