Film Me Up Baby


I am MiZz GiGi and I am the Madam of Madness In Media. I am one crazy motherf**ker.  Madness In Media is more than a company,  it is a brand, and it’s main goal is world media domination. There are many things I accomplish that would make an normal person a little looney.  You could say I am the psychiatrist of my own insane asylum. You will find many segments (patients) that will make you doubt your own sanity, and that is exactly what makes me the best at what I do. I love media, so I tend to go a little crazy. Media = Madness. Madness In Media: We Go Crazy For Media!

When I am not building The Madness Empire I can be found lurking around the internet, and masterminding the newest WOTN Cleveland segments. I am at my creative best when I am plotting new stories,  promoting my various projects, launching media  campaigns, and planning to take over the world. Expect to laugh, be slightly turned on, and definitely get bitched at.



-Mizz GiGi